Department for Transport approved Port Facility Security Officer training provided online or at our/your facility.  No minimum class size! Dates flexible to your needs!

Port Staff Security Awareness training as required in port or at our centre.

NEWS: PFSO 1 day refresher courses now available, taking account of the latest updates from Dept for Transport, Maritime Security and Resilience.

Security Plan

In discussion and liaison with the relevant designated authority or RSO, SecureScot has delivered comprehensive Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP) for various categories of port in the EU, UK and  Dependant Territories.

From the initial self assessment, through the security assessment process, to providing a comprehensive PFSP in the required format, the job is not complete until approval and the issue of a Statement of Compliance from the Contracting Government.

Often familiarity with an environment leads to complacency and bringing in SecureScot, a fresh set of eyes with ‘helicopter vision’ ability, ensures that the plan addresses all vulnerabilities.


ISPS Code A.16.4 “Personnel conducting internal security audits of the security activities specified in the plan or evaluating implementation shall be independent of the activities being audited……”  

Often the PFSO is too involved in the ISPS regime to be independent enough for conduct of the annual audit/periodic review.  SecureScot, with experience in this field since 2006, are the reliable and knowledgable choice for an external to conduct the process

The purpose of our port audit is to confirm compliance rather than to seek non-conformity, although when non-conformity is identified, recommendations are made to address such.

SecureScot will also assist in the development of the annual PFSP security exercise.  With a range of scenarios, up to and including intrusion test scenarios, using our cadre of former UK military personnel, you can be assured that all DfT requirements are more than met.

SecureScot also provide annual security exercises for ports including intrusion exercises using our cadre of former British military personnel.

For more information on Port Security please call us on +44(0)141 416 7007 or use our online enquiry form.

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